Using FWC Calendars

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Future Worlds Center offers its associates the possibility to create or join separate calendars for each project. There are also calendars that are organisational wide and everyone needs to have them in order to know where is everyone at any day or time.

For this to work, you need to follow certain guidelines.

Joining existing calendars

It is the task of the Senior IT Manager to help new- and old associates subscribe coexisting or create new calendars. Once connected, you should be able to view within your calendar ALL calendars at the same time.

Creating a new event

When creating a new event, it is important to know the following:

  1. make sure you are creating your event within the correct calendar. For example, if it is created within your personal local calendar, you will be the only one able to see it ....
  2. if the event is of interest to the whole organisation, or if people need to know you will be away, make sure you also copy it to the CNTI or other calendars.
  3. besides the necessary data, please always copy/paste as much information as possible within the "Description" field. This helps people know, who, where, telephone numbers, other important names, codes etc.