MobLang 2011 Conference in San Sebastian

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MobLang 2011 Conference in San Sebastian
MobLang 2011 Conference in San Sebastian
Project Moblang
Place San Sebastian
Date(s) 16 Oct 2011
Type of participants Scientists, business people, civil society, journalists, students
Number of participants approx. 100
Total Duration 1 day
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)

The international conference "Mobile Learning as the Future of Education" proceeded the MobLang press conference organized by the MobLang Basque Partner Elhuyar. The conference took place at the Official Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa and was opened by the Basque Minster of Education.


Mobile devices are not only becoming increasingly widespread, they have begun to impact on all aspects of our lives. What were once devices solely for communication have turned into pocket computers, and that has increased the opportunities for telephone use. Mobile Learning, which is the subject of this seminar, is a concept that has been making a strong entry in recent years, and that is why we want to examine the progress taking place and the new opportunities emerging in the area of Mobile Learning while focusing on mobile phones. Three areas will be tackled for this purpose:

  • The pedagogical perspective: how to use mobile devices pedagogically, what advantages they offer and how benefits can be derived from these devices in teaching.
  • The technical sphere. What the new technological trends are and where the mobile telephony sector is heading from the teaching perspective. In addition, the difficulties and opportunities posed by mobile developments will also be examined.
  • Getting to know experiences. The seminar will provide an opportunity to find out about successful projects started in mobile learning in the area of teaching, both internationally and in the Basque Country.

Although Mobile Learning is a subject that is making a strong entry abroad, is it not yet particularly widespread in the Basque Country. That is why experts from Europe and the Basque Country have been invited to this seminar.


The program covered mobile learning experts from different fields, including pedagogy and technology, as well as gave practitioners the possibility to demonstrate successful mobile learning products.

Media Coverage

  • MobLang on the Website of the Basque Government/Gobierno Vasco Irekia 17, Oct 2011, San Sebastian[1]


An internal evaluation of the conference was done by Elhuyar with an overall positive feedback from participants.


External Links

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