Output 1.3: 13 Regional Webinars on Participatory Democracy held

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A number of regional webinars was held in the framework of the project and after the Co-Labs being held. The first webinar aimed at introducing participants to the project and the concept of participatory democracy and addressed issues on media literacy. The following webinars focused on increasing interaction among the participants and worked as platforms for exchanging ideas and worked on country specific activities. In addition, the webinars served as a tool for discussing topics of interests and sharing success stories. Overall, the webinars supported participants to complete their follow up activities. Moreover, in these webinars participants were invited to discuss the progress of their action plans. Thus, webinars ensured interactive participation among the participants and smooth operation of the process. Due to the time frame, three Webinars with participants from Europe/ Africa/ the Americas, and two Webinars with participants from Asia/ the Arab States – in total 13 regional Webinars were organized.

Concrete results / Monitoring: All participants were invited by the regional partners to join the regional webinars on participatory democracy. The expectation was that the continuity of discussion and shared experiences would improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the action plans. Participants interacted on an online platform and the discussion was monitored by both the regional partners and FWC. With the support of the implementing parties, participants worked on follow-up actions. FWC concluded the content/ result of the Webinars in meeting reports and follow-up the result of the action plans with the regional partners.

Follow-up Actions: Participants used the ideas exchanged during the webinars to plan for their follow-up activities.