Output 3.3: 5 Action Plans created and implemented

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The Action plans were a result of the Action groups’ work, which was generated on the final day of each Co-Laboratory. The participants of the action groups co-created action plans, which serve as guidelines for advocate actions. The number of proposals that have a high influence on the MAP determined the number of action groups and action plans per region. The interested participants decided which proposals they would like to join. During the event, selected participants were trained to act as multipliers to support and maintain the ideas of their respective groups. It is important to note that these action groups are the primary force of the envisioned results because the actions come from the participants themselves and they are the multipliers of the effectiveness to enhance coherence on a regional and global level.

Concrete results / Monitoring: Each action group created an action plan, which offered the guidelines for action with the ultimate goal to increase youth participation in democratic processes. The trained participants monitored the actions of the group and with the support of the project partners, implemented the foreseen actions. FWC assisted in the reporting from the regional partners to conclude the overall result. The process was supported by the regional webinars on participatory democracy.

Follow-up Actions: Participants were encouraged and supported to build on their actions and update their plans. The results of their work could also contribute to the content of the e-books. The action groups are supported by the implementing partners and the lead applicant in disseminating these actions to the respective authorities. One individual, chosen by each respective group, will assume the responsibility to coordinate communications. This individual will receive a small grant.