Pavlos Paraskevaides

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Pavlos Paraskevaides
Pavlos Paraskevaides
With FWC March 2018 - present
Title Programmer
Specialization(s) Backend, Software Development

Pavlos Paraskevaides is currently employed by Ekkotek Ltd.. He is very experienced in various programming languages using both in web- as well as desktop- and mobile application development. He has a detail-oriented character and is keen to advance his skills in many aspects of programming.

Relevant key contributions

- Pavlos is in charge for the re-development of the Mental Attributes Profiling System tests in HTML5 and professional website. AS part of GNOUS Labs Ltd. he overviews and maintains both front-end and back-end development.

- CyberTours which is both an advertising website as well as a portal for members to upload and organize the content of educational modules that can be used to instruct content on various topics through an engaging and fun tour.

- Back-end development for various projects like CyberTours. He has developed good expertise in MySQL and PHP and is in charge of all back-ends of the startup.

Short Bio

Pavlos holds a MEng in Civil & Structural Engineering with First Class Honours from the University of Manchester. He has attended and successfully completed three online courses offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy and studied content offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. He has also spent a lot of time practising with different programming languages and frameworks by developing small projects with online guidance.