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All people working daily or visiting Future Worlds Center's premises must comply with our Office Rules.

Taking care of our space

Cleaning services

  1. Having a cleaner does not mean that s/he is responsible or has the time to clean everything. Please keep your personal space clean. If we all do so, s/he will be able to pay attention to the common spaces.
  2. Our cleaner comes only once a week in each office. S/he usually comes either on weekends to avoid disturbing you from your work. However, if there is a special event requires cleaning beforehand, Future Worlds Center Administration can contact her/him to reschedule the next cleaning.

  3. Make sure your office is not full of boxes and/or paper, because s/he will not be able to clean it.
  4. The balconies of the offices are cleaned by our regular cleaner every few months.
  5. Once every few months we bring someone to clean the windows. We appreciate and honor those associates who periodically volunteer to contribute in such jobs.


  1. Everyone should wash their plates and mugs right after they have used them so that the sink remains always empty and clean.
  2. Every week has a different person in charge to make sure the kitchen is clean and hygienic. However, this person is not responsible to wash your dishes, but only remind your to do so.
  3. We have put labels in many places around the kitchen to help newcomers find where everything goes. Please follow these organizational issues strictly and help us keep that order.
  4. The person who notices that the garbage bin is full and needs a new bag should change it. We don’t have anyone responsible for this, so everybody must contribute. The full bag can be placed outside the main entrance to the office, so anyone leaving the office is responsible for taking it downstairs.

  5. Shared kitchen items (coffee, sugar, napkins etc.) are purchased centrally every months by Future Worlds Center Administration who is in charge to follow-up the inventory of those items. Individually purchased kitchen supplies will NOT be reimbursed by FWC.

  6. Please replace the water bottle if you see it is almost empty.
  7. After preparing a meal or drink please make sure you leave the kitchen clean!


  1. Please follow the same rules of order (garbage bags, cleaning, etc) as for the kitchen.
  2. If you use up either the toilet paper or paper towels, you should replace them. On the 5th floor, the toilet paper and the towels are found in the Male restroom. In the other offices, toilet paper and paper towels are stored in the shelves of the kitchen and/or washing room. If you need assistance, please contact to Future Worlds Center Administration.

  3. Don’t throw paper or any other object (sanitary towels, food) into the toilets. If you do, it is very likely that it gets blocked. In such an event, the organization will not be financially responsible for its unblocking.

Conference Rooms and Tables

  1. Everyone is entitled to use the conference rooms and facilities for meetings, seminars, workshops, or even to study, party or eat. One should give priority to reserving the Dialogue Room on the 1st floor and only when it is not possible to host the event there or if it is occupied use the Aeolos room on the 5th floor.

  2. Please make a reservation if you need it for a prolonged period. To do this, check on the shared calendar if the room will be free and reserve space on the shared calendar to indicate your use. As a courtesy, send an email or skype message to the Associates List.

  3. When done, make sure that you leave the space clean and in order. The conference table must be cleaned; leave no objects. Use the broom and the dustpan, which are in the kitchen, if necessary. The chairs must be placed in order, same number on each side and each set at the same height.

Taking care of our facilities

Lights and air-conditioning

  1. Please note that electricity is very expensive. Do not leave lights or air-conditioners “ON” if not needed. Make sure you turn everything “OFF” when you leave your office.
  2. If you are the last person to leave the office, please turn “OFF” also the lights at the entrance or any other electrical appliance that is still “ON.”


  1. Computers are very expensive, thus good care should be taken of them. They need dusting every now and then and periodically also need inside cleaning.
  2. Everyone is responsible for the computer they are using. This includes among other things:
  3. - Running anti-virus and anti-spyware programs once per month;
    - De-fragmenting the hard drive at least every month; - Ensuring proper back-up. - Take to an outside company for fixing if necessary;
    - Never open or move your computer while it is working. Never touch any computer parts without first making sure you are not “charged” with static electricity;
    - Please make sure you turn “OFF” your computer (unless it’s a server) when leaving the office. Double check you have turned the monitor off (even if the computer is on). You don’t need to turn the printers off as this might harm their printing head.
  4. You may use your own laptop if you wish. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that all data generated for any project are also stored on our Weboffice.
  5. If you do not know how to do all the above request help from our IT Unit.
  6. Note that we periodically provide incentives to our Associates to purchase their own laptops.

In case of computers/laptop, please follow the Security Policy of the organization.


  1. Everyone is responsible to type, print and send his/her own faxes.
  2. Whenever you send a fax, wait for the receipt to ensure proper sending. Always staple the receipt on the original. File appropriately.
  3. Please do not to leave any paper on or around the fax, so that we don’t throw away important documents by mistake.
  4. If you notice a new fax coming, please either deliver it to the recipient (if you know who this is), or put it on the tray next to the fax machine or put it on the administrator’s key- board. Documents related to legal issues (Unit for supporting asylum seekers) are urgent and vital. They must be passed to our lawyers immediately.

  5. We keep fax receipts that we don’t wish to file in the tray next to the fax machine for a short period of time until it`s not cleaned up by the Future Worlds Center Administration, therefore make sure you don`t have essential documents there.


  1. Photocopy machines are all different. Make sure you understand how to set up, add paper to, and clean our machine. For assistance you can contact to Future Worlds Center Administration.
  2. Do not leave any documents or papers inside or outside the copier.
  3. Please make sure that you refill the paper tray if it is empty. Use the paper from the storage area.
  4. Please keep the photocopier cover closed after you finish, so that we prevent it from getting dusty or broken.
  5. The photocopier may also be used to print from a computer. Ask for IT support to set this up on your computer. Note that the photocopier uses only A4 and A3 paper.
  6. The photocopier is black and white, so if you need to print of copy in color there is one color printer (5th floor: Financial Unit office).
  7. Please print double sided as many times as possible to reduce the paper usage of the office in order to make the office more environmental friendly.
  8. If the printer is out of ink, please replace it. All the inks are stored in the Administration area. Sing the recipient sheet under the type of the ink in order to inform the Administration about the necessity of the replacement.


  • Main copy machine on the 5th floor is now set to scan documents in black and white (3 key element: recipient=Emily, Quality=Super Fine, Menu=Double sided off).

  • On the 5th floor the colour scanner is located in the Financial Unit office.
  • For assistance regarding the usage, please contact to Future Worlds Center Administration.

Graphics Computer/Movie Editing Computer

We have a multi-user computer in the Development Education offices kept up to date with the latest design software. Arrange with the Development Education Unit to use. If you need a new software, please arrange with our IT Unit to install it.

There is a MAC computer in the office of the President of the Board which can be used for editing movies/videos. Please arrange with the President of the Board or with the Administration to make sure the office is available. Do not save or download anything to this computer without prior permission of the President.

Office supplies

  • If you need any office supplies, order them through the Administrator well in advance.
  • Future Worlds Administration sends out a reminder email where you can state your needs again.
  • Office supplies are purchased centrally by the Future Worlds Administration, therefore - like kitchen items - no individual purchase will be reimbursed by the organization. So, please make sure your order is submitted in time.

  • These rules do not apply for workshop materials.


  • Postage and messenger service is managed by the Future Worlds Center Administration.
  • None of the service can be used for personnel reasons free of charge. If you wish to use those services, please contact to the Financial Unit to clarify the payment.
  • In general FWC prefers to use only regular mail, however sometimes it is unavoidable to use courier. Please try to minimize the usage of courier service (by proper time management) and ask our Administration to arrange the delivery.
  • Our courier service provider is UPS, providing us with high-performance services with a 20% discount. All arrangements for sending packages and arranging deliveries have to be approved and organised by the Administration and Finacial Officer.