Presentation at Lanitio Gymnasium 19/05/2011

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Presentation at Lanitio Gymnasium
Presentation at Lanitio Gymnasium
Project Cyberethics
Place Lanitio Gymnasium
Date(s) 19/05/2011
Type of participants Students and teachers
Number of participants 146 students and 10 teachers
Link(s) Cyberethics, CyberEthics GIII: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline

On the 19th of May 2011 a presentation was given at Lanitio Gymnasium. There 146 students and 10 teachers were informed about the Hotline and Helpline as well as the aims and scope of the Safer Internet Centre as a whole. When and how to reach out for help were presented with details on phone numbers (for helpline and hotline), websites and email addresses through which they can get their questions answered or their concerns eased.

The presentation focused on:

  • Internet/Gaming Addiction
  • Laws in Cyprus related to the internet
  • Signs of Internet Addiction
  • how to protect yourself from online dangers
  • Online Dangers (CNTI, PCCPWC)