Randolph Dilday

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Randolph Dilday
Randolph Dilday
Period at FWC September 2013-July 2014
Field of Study General Science, Bachelor of Science; Public Policy, Master of Arts (in progress)
Sending University Portland State University
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Kerstin Wittig
Involvement at FWC to be..
Achievements to be..

Mr. Randolph Dilday joined Future Worlds Center as an Intern on September 19, 2013. Randy worked with Yiannis Laouris, Kerstin Wittig, the Global Education Unit and Humanitarian Affairs Unit. For the last couple of months of his stay, Randy joined as a full-time Associate in the Humanitarian Affairs Unit.

Short Bio

In September, 2013 Randolph moved to Nicosia, Cyprus to begin a nine month internship with the Future Worlds Center. He holds a Bachelor of Science in General Science from Portland State University. His undergraduate studies focused on horticulture, natural resource management, and the nexus of society and natural resources. At Portland State University Randolph's interest in conflict resolution and intercultural communication burgeoned under the expert guidance of Dr. Harry Anastasiou.

At the Future Worlds Center Randolph works primarily with the Global Education Unit. In his tenure with the organization he participates in three EU funded projects: Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders, The World From Our Doorstep, and Youth of the World. He represented the Future Worlds Center at the Youth in Action 4.3 Enterprise 2013 training on sustainable NGO and project management, and social entrepreneurship, and the Youth in Action Our DiverCity youth exchange.

On Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders Randolph assisted projector coordinator Maria Georgiou working in Cyprus and with partners in the Palestinian Territories and Israel. He authored articles about Israeli and Palestinian workshops, networking, relationship building, and communication in divided societies. For the final Act Beyond Borders International Conference Randolph courted potential speakers, and helped plan and manage the event.

With the Youth of the World project he assists project coordinator Annagrace Messa in data analyses and planning the upcoming Youth of the World! International Summer School. On The World From Our Doorstep Randolph has helped project coordinator Kerstin Wittig and Anna-Maria Drousiotou introduce globalization related themes into schools in the Republic of Cyprus. Apropos this topic he assists in the development of activities for students and resources for educators. Randolph additionally helps the Humanitarian Affairs Unit organize donations gathered for refugees and asylum seekers in Cyprus.

In September 2014 Randolph will begin his graduate education at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. There, as a fellowship recipient, he will pursue a Master's degree in Public Policy.