Reconciliation Now! A Proposal to Support Peace and Cooperation in Cyprus

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Formal Project Description
Contract Title Reconciliation Now!
Partners Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
Cost of Action $350,000 (including US costs)
Grant $105,000
Cost for FWC $52,500
Grant for FWC $52,500
Dates 15/10/2003 - 15/04/2005

About Project Reconciliation Now!]
Overall objective(s)
The project will be implemented over an 18-month period (October 15, 2003 – April 15, 2005) with a total budget of approximately $350,000. HasNa has committed of its own funds to the project. HasNa, CNTI and the Management Centre of the Mediterranean are working jointly to solicit funding commitments from other donor agencies for the remaining amount.
Specific objective(s)
  1. Media Development Project (including follow-up projects/activities related to the 2002 Young Journalists Project)
  2. North-South Economic Cooperation Project
  3. Improving the Capacity of Cypriot NGOs to Plan and Manage Bicommunal Projects