Romina Laouri

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Romina Laouri
Romina Laouri
Years of service 2007-today
Service type Board member
Current Post Ashoka
Degree(s) BA Political Science (major)
Int'l relations (major)
Spanish (minor)
MA Int'l Relations
Field(s) of Study Political Science
Structured Dialogue
University(ies) Macalester College
University of Chicago
Specialization(s) Project Manager
SDDP Facilitator
Social/Academic Social Entrepreneur
Notable Achievements Dean’s List
Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society
Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honor Society
Has recently organized TEDxYSE and TEDxAshokaU.
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Romina Laouri serves as Member of the Board since 2007.

Romina works at Ashoka, a Washigton DC based NGO, since 2005. She is in charge of many youth projects, Youth Venture Summits, online competitions and development of social media strategies. Originally from Cyprus, she is an active member of the peace movement since her childhood. She has completed her undergraduate work at Macalester College (MN) and holds an MA in Int'l Relations (University/Chicago). She has recently organized TEDxYSE[1] and TEDxAshokaU [2].

Role in the CYBER KIDS Project

Romina was not only the first student of CYBER KIDS, a chain of computer learning centers launched by her family. Moreover, she became a business and social entrepreneur at a very young age, strategizing, marketing, implementing programs, developing curricula and even teaching her peers at CYBER KIDS. During the 1st and 2nd Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fairs, she received the Ministry of Education Award and the Development Bank Award.

Pioneer in peace projects

Romina has been an active member of the peace movement in Cyprus since her childhood. She participated in many bi-communal groups and initiatives including the Environmentalists Group. In 1999, together with a few other teenagers, she was co-founder of one of the most active youth groups in Cyprus, Youth Promoting Peace. Romina places great value to the role of youth participation, especially in countries that live in conflict, but also in a more general sense. Romina has done extensive work in conflict resolution using the Structured Dialogic Design Process in various projects in Cyprus and has published a number of papers[3], [4], [5], [6].

Current world-wide activities


  1. Romina organizer of EDxYSE (Youth Social Entrepreneurship)
  2. Romina Executive Produce of TEDxAshokaU
  3. Laouris, Y. and Laouri, R. (2008). Can Information and mobile technologies serve close the economic, educational, digital and social gaps and accelerate development? World Futures, 64(4), 254-275.
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