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The SDD Certification Body is a UNIT operating under Future Worlds Center. It is responsible for the supervision and implementation of an international SDD Certification Scheme that serves the certification of expert individuals across the globe who wish to practice the Structured Dialogic Design Process as Certified SDD Facilitators. The Board of Future Worlds Center appoints on of its Members or Associates as Head of the SDD Certification Body. This individual must be a Senior International Expert. Currently, the Head is Yiannis Laouris.

The certification scheme is implemented by the Future Worlds Center, which is also the only body legally responsible for this process. The certification scheme is conducted in collaboration with, and it is recognized by the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. The scope is global and experts from across the word may apply for certification.

The SDD Certification Body implements its Policies and Procedures though the work of three Committees:

  1. An International Supervising Board, which appoints members to the other two committees and supervises the whole process,
  2. An Examination Committee, which is in charge of preparing and supervising exams implemented by any authorised SDD Examination Center using the SDD Curriculum and
  3. An Certification Committee, which receives and processes applications for certification to the various levels following well-defined procedures and when criteria are met awards respective certificates.
The flow of responsibilities between the committees.
The flow of responsibilities between the committees.

The separate constitutions and different and distinct responsibilities of the above three committees are regulated through the Separation of Committee Responsibilities Policy and serve the deontological and transparent implementation of all processes.

The SDD Certification Body uses Policies and Procedures in full compliance with the International ISO 17024 Standard. The processes of the system will be registered with the standard when the number of registered experts justifies the additional yearly expense.

Future Worlds Center, the Institute for 21st Century Agoras and other international institutions organize periodically trainings for potential and for advanced SDDP Facilitators. Future Worlds Center organizes its trainings through its SDDP Facilitators Training School.