Series of Advanced Civil Society Strengthening Workshops

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Advanced Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Advanced Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Project Act Beyond Borders
Date(s) October - December 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives

The comprehensive set of trainings will be effective to build upon the basic workshops already carried out in order to go deeper in the seven themes. In the advanced workshops participants will review the material from the basic courses and then make action plans that will be supervised by the partner project coordinators which will led to actual real-life scenarios of course material put into action utilising the skills they have learned in the basic courses.

Communication and Outreach for CSOs

The aim of this course is to further develop communication skills. Effectively communicating with stakeholders is one of the vital components for the success of any organisation. If an organisation has the capability to communicate the right messages, to the right target groups, through the right communication channels and tools, this means that the organisation is more likely to have a solid profile and support from its constituency, funders, CSOs and other external actors.

Fundraising for CSOs

This course is concerned with augmenting the capacity of other civil society organisations to develop those skills that will enable them to engage appropriately as serious players with the different sectors of society in which they operate. It also focuses on identifying and securing resources by civil society organisations from within those societies in which they operate.

Advocacy and Media Campaign for CSOs

The aim of this advanced course is to further assist participants, and their organizations, to be more effective advocates for change and promoters of human rights and democracy. Participants will learn how to analyse the policy-making environment within which they are operating and subsequently explore a range of approaches to advocacy strategy, planning and implementation.

Strategic Thinking for CSOs

The process of strategic thinking and development is a dynamic process, primarily about looking to the future. The aim of this advanced training course is to enable participants to be responsive to changing circumstances, and to make choices from a longer-term perspective, taking into account how the investment of limited resources may have the greatest impact.

Civil Society Project Design and Planning

Networking and Relationship Building for CSOs

Managing Staff and Volunteers in CSOs

Training Toolkit