Special Education Unit

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Current Head Yiannis Laouris
Past Head(s) Pantelis Makris
Year Established 1993
Keywords Dyslexia, autism, vulnerable Groups, mobility disabilities, accessibility

The Editing Special Education Unit was founded in 1993 by Pantelis Makris, who served as it Head until 2001, when he was succeeded by Yiannis Laouris. In the early years, the UNIT focused on supporting and developing solutions for people who suffered mobility, learning or other disabilities. Pantelis Makris developed several systems to support special needs, and especially deaf and blind children. The Unit also developed curriculum units for autistic children attending CYBER KIDS. In 1994/95 the Dyslexia Group was launched based on voluntary contributions of a large number of experts and visiting scientists, whose research culminated in the development of Mental Attributes Profiling System. Its most prominent projects are Mental Attributes Profiling System and CARDIAC.

Relevant Projects

Year Project Program Description
1999 e-Learning for gypsies Leonardo e-Learning for gypsies
1999 DYSLEXIA RPF Development of methodology and software for the diagnosis and treatement of learning difficulties with emphasis in dyslexia
2001 WORK Leonardo Special Needs in adults
2006 SteLLLa GRUNDTVIG Develop a generic method for autonomous learning for adults
2009 SteLLLa 2.0 GRUNDTVIG Life-long learning through new media
2009 MobLang LLP, Transversal Teaching languages using mobile phones
2010 CARDIAC FP7 Advancing Research & Development in the area of accessible & Assistive ICT
2012 Mingle LLP, Transversal Migrant Language and Social Integration

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