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Contract Title SteLLLa: The Stimulation of eLearning for Life Long Learning for Adults
Contract Number CY-GRU2-2006-N-2
Funding Period 01/08/2006-31/07/2007
Partners ANOVA Multimedia Studios GmbH,
School of Electronics and Telecommunication in Olsztyn,
National School for Leadership in Education,
Autonomous Learning Language Centre of Navarre
Centre of adult education Hoger Instituut der Kempen
FWC coordinator(s) Yiola Papadopoulou


SteLLLa is a partnership of 7 European partners from Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain supported by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and sub-programme GRUNDTVIG. The name steLLLa is the short form of the longer name "Stimulation of eLearning for Life Long Learning for adults".

Life long learning will be a key factor for the professional, personal and social success of adults in tomorrow's society. It is the ambitious aim of steLLLa to develop a generic method for autonomous learning for adults that can be implemented in the training courses of various professions. First of all, we will share information and experiences. The expertise of each partner combined with the well balanced constitution of the group guarantees a synergetic cooperation and a cultural enrichment. Starting from concrete eLearning tasks; trainers, learners and the partner institutions will create new good practice examples for several domains. Adult learners will be involved in the test settings. We will promote these new eLearning techniques to enhance the Life Long Learning opportunities for adults. Also, we want to stimulate trainers and learners to use an eLearning environment as communication tool and for didactical purposes; to use modern ICT methods not only to communicate but also to acquire and exchange knowledge. Via transnational meetings and discussions with trainers, learners and specialists, via conferences (live and video), the eLearning platform and our website, we will optimize and promote this eLearning method as a stimulating factor in the open and distance learning for adults.


All activities in the project steLLLa deal with adult education. Adult education and especially the use of eLearning in adult education is different in the partner countries. The partners try to share their information and experiencies. At the website you can find presentations about the Art of adult education in the different countries and information about institutions for adult education that we have visited during the project.