Strengthening Asylum for Refugees And Asylum Seekers in Cyprus, 2011

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Formal Project Description
Strengthening Asylum for Refugees And Asylum Seekers in Cyprus, 2008
Contract Title Strengthening Asylum for Refugees And Asylum Seekers in Cyprus, 2008
Agreement n° 0000000018
Cost of Action €98,600.00
Grant €98,600.00
Cost for FWC €98,600.00
Grant for FWC €98,600.00
Dates 01/01/2011 - 31/12/2011

Website [Strengthening Asylum]
About Project Strengthening Asylum
Overall objective(s)
To ensure that asylum seekers have access to a fair and efficient refugee status determination procedure; that asylum seekers as well as refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries have access to the entitlements outlined in the law.
Specific objective(s)
  • Assist asylum seekers, when facing obstacles, to submit asylum applications to the competent authorities, in particular in cases of asylum seekers in detention as well as in cases of well founded subsequent applications;
  • Provide information on the asylum procedure, refugee status determination process, access to rights and compliance with obligations under the national refugee law.
  • Ensure access to adequate shelter, including referral to emergency shelter in case of homeless asylum seekers, and appropriate shelter for unaccompanied children
  • Ensure access to the full spectrum of reception conditions and social rights, including appropriate medical care, education arrangements and employment, and, in case of inability to work in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations, access to welfare benefits.
  • Prepare written interventions to the appropriate authorities on policy issues relating to the refugee status determination process, as well as access to rights
  • Provide legal representation in the asylum process, including participation during the RSD interviews.
  • Prepare comprehensive and well argued appeals in well founded claims, in particular in the case of vulnerable persons such as victims of sexual and gender based violence, children and victims of torture, raising national, EU and international law, as well as UNHCR policies and guidelines and updated COI.
  • Provide guidance to asylum seekers in relation to the judicial review process and prepare legal aid submissions in cases of legal flaws resulting from systemic gaps in the asylum process; refer well founded cases to a network of private lawyers with adequate knowledge on asylum matters
  • Provide counselling and assistance to international protection beneficiaries on access to integration rights, including access to language classes and vocational training.
  • Prepare written interventions on policy issues relating to integration, including the implementation of the national integration strategy and the annual solidarity funds strategy
  • Facilitate the family reunification process, when obstacles are faced.
  • Ensure referral to appropriate psychological support when the need is identified.
  • In case of specific problems and/or vulnerable beneficiaries, accompany beneficiaries to appointments and interviews with the relevant authorities.
  • Pay periodic visits to reception centres and detention facilities, in view of monitoring reception conditions and identifying individuals in need of asylum
  • Benefit of every opportunity to significantly influence national policies, through interventions in Parliament on legislative drafts, participation in the media, mobilization of civil society or cooperation with other institutions involved in public awareness.