Teachers’ Advisory Groups

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In each partner country, one Teachers’ Advisory Group (TAG) will be formed. Each TAG will be composed of six teachers, two educators at national pedagogical/ educational institutes and one member of the Ministry of Education. The members of the TAG will be identified and selected according to their interest and engagement in development related issues, as well as possible prior experience in development education. However, also teachers and educators inexperienced in this field will be invited, especially in CY and LT. Members of the TAG will sign a Memorandum of Understanding, expressing their commitment to the project. The TAG will hold regular meetings (see below). Meetings will take place under the coordination of the partner organisations. The TAG will play a very vital and crucial role in the project. The TAG will represent the actor gathering, reassessing and modifying the DE curriculum material, building on the members’ expertise in the educational system. Societal change can only be achieved through developing coordinated strategies involving different stakeholders. The TAG will bring together teachers, educators of higher education institutes, and representatives of the Ministry of Education, and will work closely with NGOs.


  • One TAG established in each partner country.

Through the diverse composition of the TAG, the partners secure their outreach to schools, pedagogical institutions as well as the policy making level – the Ministry of Education.

Role of partners

Each partner will be responsible to establish the national TAG, to approach the M.o.E., the pedagogical/educational institutes as well as to identify the teachers through their expressions of interest. Each partner will be responsible for the overall coordination of their national TAG.