Ten Panel Discussions/ Public Roundtables

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Panel Discussions
Panel Discussions
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place RamAllah, Jenin, Bethlehem, Hebron, BeitSachour, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
Date(s) May - October 2013
Type of participants xxx
Number of participants xxx
Total Duration xxx
Link(s) http://www.actbeyondborders.net/

A series of events (roundtables, panel discussions) will be organised across different cities in Israel and Palestine on Human Rights, reaching to stakeholders across the region to bring in ‘other’ perspectives which will be effective to enhance communication across different stakeholders within and across the societies, as well as to publicly advocate for stricter enforcement of international human rights standards and democratisation with the aim to engage civil society as well as relevant local, government and religious authorities in a public debate around the issue of Human Rights and Democratisation. Different stakeholders and speakers will be invited to the events so as to cover a wide range of civic actors. Special attention will be given to otherwise under-represented groups, such as women organisations, refugees and those working with refugees. In addition to civic actors the speakers will cover representatives of local and government authorities.

Panel Diccussions

Ten Panel Discussions that will take place in RamAllah, Jenin, Bethlehem, Hebron, BeitSachour, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv