Thrasos Nerantzis

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Thrasos Nerantzis
Thrasos Nerantzis
With FWC October 2018 - present
Title Lead Programmer
University(ies) Aston University of Birmingham, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Specialization(s) Software Analysis, Mobile App Development

Thrasos Nerantzis is a Computer Scientist is currently located in Cyprus and works as a software Dev. A free software enthusiast and contributor with a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. His research involves the application of AI using societal data. Recently he has been active in the blockchain community researching ways to incorporate smart contracts in e-Governance decision making and voting.


Academic Interests Information Retrieval, Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems, Intelligent Web Applications, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Evolutionary Computing, Multi-Agent Systems, Knowledge Management and Modelling, Blockchain applications. Technical Interests Web Technologies, Databases and Data manipulation, Mobile Platforms.


In his spare time, he enjoys producing alcoholic beverages.