Training of trainers in Cyprus

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Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Limassol
Date(s) 13-20 of March, 2013
Type of participants Practitioners, Experts
Number of participants 14


13-20 of March 2013


Navarria Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus

Short Description

CSABB will host the 2nd phase of the Training of Local Trainers from Israel and Palestine, on 13th – 20th of March, with the aim of empowering these individuals and enabling them to take the lead in promoting Human Rights and Democratic participation within the civil society organizations of their societies. The Training is aimed at CSO leaders and the partner organisations as well as other civil society actors in Israel and Palestine, who are interested in developing their skills and understanding effective training for CSOs and play an active role within the project. The effectiveness of the TOT will be to equip 14 prospective local trainers with the skills, tools and creative techniques to deliver interactive training events in a way that makes learning enjoyable and effective. It will also provide the local trainers with an introductory understanding of the theory and practice of civil society strengthening, organisational development and capacity building. The participants who complete the training course will form the pool of trainers that will proceed in conducting a series of basic and advanced civil society strengthening workshops in their communities.