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Iliada Spyrou has been with FWC since 2010. She holds a BA in Psychology. She graduated from European University Cyprus in 2011. She was the president of Psychology Club from 2008 - 2010. All through high school and undergraduate years she worked hard; and she was setting high goals for her future. Iliada was the president of the Psychology Club of her university. She worked with other students in the committee to bring up new activities for the psychology major students and help them to enrich their knowledge through different seminars and workshops. Her motivational and communication skills were really helpful for her position. Iliada likes challenges, too. She really likes to have challenges in the university and in her life in general. The challenges that she had throughout her four years in the University were a lot. She had to study and have good grades but at the same time a lot of opportunities were given to her from outside like seminars and workshops in Cyprus but also abroad. She is trying to combine studying and other activities and this resulted to develop a stronger character which is ready to take any challenge given to her.