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This person is the senior developer and administrator of our FW-pedia

Soteris has recently joined the efforts of Future Worlds Center after the consummation of his studies at The University of Patras, Greece from where he attained his Diploma, a 5-year (10-semester) degree[1] equivalent to master's degrees (MEng). The talented novice is entitled by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Patras University as an Electrical and Computer Engineer, a title that enables him to use his skills and knowledge in a variety of fields. However his specialization in Electronics and Computers in parallel with his diploma thesis titled Development and Evaluation of Collaborative Applications for mobile devices[2][3][4][5], which was conducted under the auspices of the Human - Computer Interaction Group[2] of UPatras, evinces his main focus on Human-Machine interaction, Software development, design and evaluation, Game Development and Educational Technology among others. His thesis led to a paper he co-authored titled "Content creation by end users for location-sensitive mobile educational games" [6] presented during the IS-EUD 2011 Workshop Involving End Users and Domain Experts in Design of Educational Games, 2011, Torre Canne, Italy [7] and to a presentation with title "Invisible cities: urban games mediated by mobile technologies"[8] which was presented during the "The Hybrid City Events", Athens 2011 [9].

While now an enthusiastic young engineer, Soteris has also completed a 25 month military compulsory service as a Reserves' Officer (INF), a stint during which he was training and managing people, while he was also responsible for ammunition and other military equipment . The experience and abilities acquired during this process, have equipped Soteris with the leadership skills needed in taking initiatives and managing people and critical situations.

A tyro - at the present moment of writing - at the diverse and inspiring environment of Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, Soteris's primary aim is to offer and expand his knowledge in technology - based areas and benefit from the dynamic milieu of the Organization.

Soteris is a registered member of Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ). The Chamber of CSTC(ETEK) decided to include Soteris in the Register of Members of the following fields of the science of engineering: -Electronic Engineering including Information Technology engineering -Electrical Engineering


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