Youth Board of Cyprus

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Youth Board of Cyprus
Abbreviation YBC
Location Cyprus

Partners with Future Worlds Center.

Youth Board of Cyprus is a semi-governmental organization established in April, 1994. It consists of four Senior Youth Officers, 14 Youth Officers, nine Assistant Clerk Officers, and one Chief Accounting Officer, and works in an advisory capacity to the Council of Ministers. YBC offers programs in youth information, evaluation of youth policy, volunteerism, addictive substance prevention, campaigning, and positive lifestyles to promote prosperity and opportunity for Cypriot youth irrespective of their ethnicity, race, or religion. Education, cooperation, and participation in community development, provide the primary avenues through which the YBC addresses current youth issues. YBC contains four sectors: National Agency of Cyprus for the Youth in Action Program, Research and Infrastructure Projects, International and European Co-operation, Prevention and Counseling Services Sector, and the Youth Initiatives Project. Each assists in effectively and competently addressing Cypriot youth needs and issues. In addition to developing proposals for the Council of Ministers, YBC participates in The Council of Europe’s European Steering Committee for Youth, the Youth Working Party of the Council of the EU, and the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy. YBC is a powerful agent of change as the culmination of their dynamic and broad activities demonstrate.

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