Youth Promoting Peace: Bicommunal Youth Peace Activities II

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To promote Cyprus' peace building process, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities are encouraged to create and implement projects in areas of mutual concern. The continuation of Youth Promoting Peace initiatives and development of communication, friendship, and peace between communities have been backed by this UNDP/UNOPS funded Bi-Communal Development project. Support from the Peace Centre Cyprus, Technology for Peace, the Bi-Communal Forum, and the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group, expanded the project's scope and beneficiaries, strengthened the quality and depth of it's programming, and assisted in the launch of fourteen new activities

Formal Project Description
Contract Title The Paphian Youth: A New Generation of Peace Builders II
Project Acronym Y2P
Lead Partner Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
Call/Action Bi-Communal Development Programme
Agreement n° WSE-PS02-4225
Grant for FWC CY₤ 25,950 (final paid $54,141.29)
Dates 14/10/2002 - 13/10/2003

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