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C.E.G.A. - Creating Effective Grasroots Alternatives
Abbreviation C.E.G.A.
Type non-profit organisation
Legal status 2002
Location Bulgaria, Sofia 1000 96, G. S. Rakovski Street, Floor 2
Website http://cega.bg/?lang=english

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in TeachMDGs and the Accessing Development Education project.

The C.E.G.A. - Creating Effective Grasroots Alternatives is the national coordinator and one of the leading NGOs in the newly registered Bulgarian Platform for International Development. Very well connected within the Bulgarian civil society, C.E.G.A. is very experienced in the field of intercultural dialogue and global education. Currently, C.E.G.A. is working closely with teachers and offering training and support to include development education into schools.

The main contact person for the C.E.G.A. Foundation is Emil Metodiev.

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