Jeff Diedrich

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Jeff Diedrich
Jeff Diedrich
Current Post Lead - Michigan Department of Education State Systemic Improvement Plan; Facilitator-Structured Dialogic Design; Director, Statewide project focused on improving the accessibility of educational environments
Degree(s) Bachelor of Science; Master of Arts
Field(s) of Study Speech-Language Pathology
University(ies) Central Michigan University
Notable Achievements World-known facilitator and trainer in Structured Dialogic Design (SDD)

Jeff Diedrich is a close collaborator of Future Worlds Center. He has been regularly supporting and participating in Facilitators' Trainings organized by the SDD Facilitators Training School. Jeff's team collaborates also with the IT Team in charge of the further development of Cogniscope. His team has developed Logosofia, a product that allows extensive documentation of SDDPs and takes fuller advantage of available technologies and the internet.

Jeff, based in the state of Michigan, had the good fortune to mentor under Aleco Christakis for several years where he developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for the process of Structured Dialogic Design (SDD). Jeff is now considered an international expert, facilitating co-labs routinely in Michigan and across the United States, providing training on SDD, and leading efforts to create the next generation of software to support the process. Jeff has Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist (1995 – 1997) from Central Michigan University and is currently leading the State Systemic Improvement Plan on behalf of the Michigan Department of Education. Additionally, Jeff is the director of a statewide project focused on improving the educational environment to ensure students, including those with disabilities, are successful.

One of the best SDD tools, Logosofia was developed by the Ministry of Education of Michigan, under the supervision of Jeff.

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