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Date Created) First version released in 2015
Resource Type Software
Resource Format Web App
Resource Description Allows trained facilitators to conduct Structured Democratic Dialogue
Language(s) English
Copyright Ministry of Education, Michigan
Link(s) http://logosofia.decisionpoint.design

Logosofia is the name given to a software platform developed by the Ministry of Education of Michigan, under the supervision of Jeff Diedrich. This implementation supports Facilitators trained in the Science of Dialogic Design conduct Structured Democratic Dialogues. Logosofia has been developed in collaboration with Aleco Christakis and Yiannis Laouris, and fully complies with all axioms and laws of the Science of Dialogic Design. The heart of the software, i.e., the Interpretive Structural Modeling algorithm has been developed by Ekkotek through a contract between the Ministry of Education of Michigan and Future Worlds Center. This represents the first implementation of the ISM algorithm that runs as API on the server.