Planetary Dialogue Agora of Philanthropolis

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SDDP ObamaVision
SDDP ObamaVision
Report Title Planetary Dialogue Agora of Philanthropolis
Triggering Question What are descriptors/requirements of the ideal image of the Agora of Philanthropolis?
Location Location
Dates 11-16 June 2007
Lead Facilitator(s) Aleco Christakis
Assistant Facilitator(s) Yiannis Laouris
Elia Petridou
Maria Georgiou
Author(s) Aleco Christakis
Gayle Underwood
Editor(s) Yiannis Laouris
Total Duration 3 weeks
Statistics Participants=17
Number of ideas=59
Number of Clusters=13
Ideas received Votes=41
Ideas on MAP R=13
Spreathink ST=66,6%
Situational Complexity SCI=
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Executive Summary

An international panel of 20 experts/stakeholders in e-democracy and structured dialogue were engaged for three weeks in an asynchronous and synchronous virtual interaction employing the technology of the Webscope wiki. The panel was invited to use the Structured Dialogic Design process (SDDP).

This 2008 Historic Virtual SDDP was probably the first conducted with all participants located in different continents.

The Triggering Question (TQ) of the workshop was:

What are descriptors/requirements of the ideal image of the Agora of Philanthropolis

In response to the TQ, the 15 participants came up with 59 ideas, which were categorized in 13 clusters. Following the voting process, 41 ideas received one or more votes and were structured to create the influence MAP shown below.

MAP for Obama Vision.
Influence tree from the ideas generated at Obama Vision SDDP workshop for TQ.

[[File:Finders_PlanetaryDialogue_2006_ListofFactors.pdf|thumb|center|upright=4.0|alt=MAP for Obama Vision.|"What factors will help significantly in rescuing the enlightent from its failings?"

According to the participants of this workshop, the ideas that appear to be the most influential were:

The co-laboratory was facilitated by a team led by Aleco Christakis. While Aleco was based in Crete, his Co-Facilitators, and Assistant Facilitators were based in the USA and in Cyprus.

In sum, the dialogue made it possible for the participants to imagine and describe a collective understanding of the complex situation (Problematique) facing the Obama administration in their vision of realizing bottom-up democracy in the USA, and maybe other parts of the planet.


Name City
Aleco Christakis Archanes, Crete
Gayle Underwood Allegan, Michigan, USA
Yiannis Laouris Nicosia, Cyprus
Elia Petridou Nicosia, Cyprus
Maria Georgiou Nicosia, Cyprus


Craig Lindell
Heiner Benbking
Jon Li Davis
Ken Bausch
Larry Fergeson
Kevin Dye
La Donna Harris
Norma Romm
Paul Hays
Peter Jones
Roy Smith
Tom Flanagan
Janet McIntyre
Reynaldo Trevino

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