Youth of the world!

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Youth of the World!
Youth of the World!
Contract Title Youth of the World! Mainstreaming Global Awareness in Youth Work
Contract Number DCI-NSAED/2011/114
Funding Period 01/03/2013 - 29/02/2016
Funding Agency EuropeAid
Partners C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria)
Südwind Agentur (Austria)
Mondo (Estonia)
Youth Career and Advising Centre (Lithuania)
Scotdec (Scotland)
Young People We Care (Associate Partner) (Ghana)

Youth of the world! Mainstreaming Global Awareness in Youth Work is a 36-month, international project supported through the Non-state Actors and Local Authorities Development Programme of the European Union (EuropeAid). It aims to expedite and ensure opportunities for youth organizations, youth facilitators and trainers, increase youth involvement in global education and learning, and mainstream global awareness within youth organizations. To accomplish these aims,“Youth of the World!” will foster public awareness among young citizens on the global interdependencies between EU and developing countries, increase the engagement of young people to promote equitable relations in the world and a sustainable way of living, and better integrate global development issues into the non- formal educational sphere regarding young people.

This project is being implemented in Cyprus by the Future Worlds Center, Bulgaria by the C.E.G.A. Foundation, Austria by Südwind Agentur, Estonia by Mondo, Lithuania by Youth Career and Advising Centre, and Scotland by Scotdec, as well as by our associate partner Young People We Care in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Overall objectives

Mainstream awareness toward global issues within the activities of youth organizations working in different spheres of youth work.

Target Groups

Youth Organizations and Structures These include NGOs working with youth, informal youth groups, youth councils and parliaments, youth centers and public agencies working with youth or any structure out of the formal educational system, which works with young people and influences their values and behavior. The concrete themes (spheres of work) of the organizations/structures to be involved in the action vary and are not selection criteria.

Youth Trainers and Facilitators Including non-formal education trainers and facilitators with rich experience in working with young people. They don’t obligatory fall under the age group of TG. They have experience in planning, implementing and evaluating non-formal training seminars and workshops and in using learner-centered, participatory, dialogue-oriented and experiential methodologies.

Young People The project will focus on the age group 15-28 but the frames are not exclusive. The group includes school, college and university students, young people out of the formal educational system, employed and unemployed young people. In Cyprus the project partner will seek to include youth from both Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities.


  • Research and Research analysis to identify the attitudes of youth organisations towards global issues
  • International Workshop on resource development and Development of Educational Materials
  • Training and Cross-sharing for youth trainers and facilitators
  • Advocacy and Campaigning
  • Youth of the World! International Summer School

Expected Results

  • Research and Development of educational materials and methodologies tailor-made for young people on global issues
  • Building a critical mass of experts, adequately prepared to train young people on global issues
  • Providing easily- accessible training opportunities for youth organisations and young people on global issues
  • Interactive and participatory Teaching Resources about MDGs with a specific focus on sub-Saharan Africa available the national languages of the four project NMS partner countries and tailored to their school curriculum


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