Vitae/Yiannis Laouris/Special Appointments

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Special Appointments

International Bodies

Program Title Year
Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative Steering Committee 2011-Present
Board of Institute for 21st Century Agoras Executive Board 2010-Present
ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans Scientific Advisory Board 2012-Present

Invited Expert in Think Tanks

Program Title Year
Concept Reenginering (Onlife Initiative) Invited Expert 2012
Core Foresight 2050 Invited Expert 2012-present

National Representative/Expert in European Research Networks

Program Title Year
COST 276: Knowledge Management Invited Expert 2005-2006
COST 219ter: Accessibility for all to services and terminals for next generation mobile networks National Representative 2005-2007
COST 298: Participation in the Broadband society Invited Expert 2007-2008
COST 2102: Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication National Representative 2008-2011
COST CA18115: Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level Substitute National Representative 2019-Present
Insafe Member of the Steering Committee 2006-2016
Insafe Member of the Advisory Board 2010-2017
EU Kids Online National Representative 2008-2010
EU Kids Online II National Representative 2010-2012
EU Kids Online III National Representative 2013-2014
EU/Global Kids Online National Representative 2015-Present

Appointed as Local Representative for International Organization or projects

Organization Program Title Year
Institute of World Affairs, Washington DC, USA Regional Peace Program Director for Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East 1999-2003
HasNa Inc., Washington DC, USA Scholarships for young journalists Project Director 2002-2003
HasNa Inc., Washington DC, USA Media Literacy Workshops Project Director 2005
HasNa Inc., Washington DC, USA Bi-communal Peace Activities Project Director 2006
HasNa Inc., Washington DC, USA Talk of the Island Radio programs Project Director 2006-2008

Project Director in European Program Consortia